EVA Conference – Technology Futures for the Creative Industries: Presenting the CRe-AM Roadmaps on July 9th

0 0 July 7, 2014
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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last, you create what you will” George Bernard Shaw

The CRe-AM project aims to bridge communities of creators with communities of technology providers and innovators, in a collective, strategic roadmapping effort, in order to streamline, coordinate and amplify collaborative work towards developing, enhancing, and mainstreaming new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), processes and tools, to address the future needs of different sectors of the creative industries.

On July 9th, the session will begin with a provocation address focusing on the changing nature of the relationship between Architecture and the Creative Industries. Visions for the near future will be explored alongside a discussion of the challenges ahead. The first versions of the Sector Roadmaps on the technology futures of the European Creative Industries will be presented by the CRe-AM consortium and the participants will have the opportunity to be informed on the Roadmap conclusions and recommendations, and to collectively engage in an interactive validation and development/improvement session of the research outcomes and roadmaps. This workshop will serve as basis for the validation of roadmaps for the creative industries including Art, Media & e publishing and Video Games and collect feedback on the requirement for tools and technologies of the Creative Industries.

Some of the benefits of attending the session and getting involved with the CRe-AM project include:

•Experience and be exposed to new and emerging technologies.
•Network with individuals across the EU in their sector.
•Be involved in knowledge exchange and have access to the information and research produced at this event and over the next 2 years.
• Be credited with having contributed to the creation of the creative industry roadmaps that will be used by the European Commission to guide the calls and funding policy for the future development of the sector.

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