A great success for CRe-AM first event

0 0 January 21, 2014
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CRe-AM inaugurated its first workshop on the occasion of the ICT & Art Connect event “Enabling successful collaboration between Art & Technology”, held at the Waterman’s Art Centre in London (UK) from January 18 to 19.

Held on the second day, the CRe-AM workshop focused on exploring new ways of working with Art & Technology to create a roadmap for the future.

The event gave the opportunity to the large number of participants to attend keynotes and express their views on Art & Tech collaboration and share their visions for its future in the UK and more largely in Europe.

Leading professional composed of Pr. Nikolay Borisov from the National Research University of Information, Technologies, Mechanics and Optics Centre of Design and Multimedia (Russia), Carl Smith from the London Metropolitan University (UK) and Dr.Yiota Vassilopoulou from the University of Liverpool (UK) delivered inspiring talks and facilitate further discussions on Art & Technology Futures.

This so-called “Provocations” session was then followed by small discussion groups designed in an attempt of outlining the participants’ future desired scenarios for their art.

The result of these intense exchanges and discussions will go a long way towards shaping the roadmap for the Arts future, and when looking at the strong participants’ involvement during the sessions, there is no doubt that the CRe-AM project is already on the good tracks.

We now look forward to hearing other creative clusters on their Desired Future and this should happen very soon somewhere across Europe!

We will keep you posted and in the meantime, join us on Twitter and Facebook!

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