CRe-AM featured in the proceedings of the DRHA Conference 2014

0 0 August 24, 2015
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“Use of creative tools, technologies, processes and practices in the sectors of Art, Media, and Architecture: State-of-the-Art and desired future scenarios”: this is the title of the paper published on behalf of CRe-AM consortium in the proceedings of the 2014 conference Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA).

The paper (available here) analyses and presents the preliminary results of the project for the Art, Architecture and Media sectors, as well as the methodological and theoretical approaches employed to engage stakeholders, obtain data and thus substantiate the roadmapping effort.

From the findings of the these sector events, it seems that the Art, Media and Architecture stakeholders are all interested in the visions of the creation of real-time virtual collaborative environments, extended cloud sourcing platform, more affordable and accessible technology that will merge the physical and digital worlds and provide the artists, architects, and media creative professionals with virtual studios, as well as the use of tools to enhance community cooperation, seamless connectivity and empathy building. The cross-sectoral common visions identified include the use of 3D virtual reality, 3D scanning, 3D printing, Augmented Reality, new forms of narrative and self-presentation, new software and hardware to enhance narration in the future technology, technology for realtime creative production, motion and gesture- controlled interfaces and writing short stories that are location based through GPS applications, and technologies that will enable co-writing and editing with multiple writers.

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