CRe-AM think-tank Workshop: Meet us at ELPUB 2015 in Malta

0 1 May 29, 2015
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CRe-AM workshop “Shaping the future for e-Publishing” will be held on September 3, 2015 at the ELPUB2015 conference. This workshop, directly organised by Lattanzio Learning – one of CRe-Am partners, aims at presenting and discussing experts’ visions, identified technology trends and forecasts for future evolutions of ICT for the e-publishing sector. The workshop encourages e-Publishing stakeholders to voice their views about current trends and exchange ideas on future ones. Results of the workshop will be shared with all participants and convergent plans (roadmaps) for future initiatives will directly inform EC policy & planning for the creative industries, thus enabling attendees to shape longer-term strategic planning at European level.

Contact and registration: Please register for the event by email to: Fabrizio Giorgini, Lattanzio Learning, Director of R&D: giorgini(at)

More information about CRe-AM think-tank Workshop is coming soon on project website. Don’t forget to join us on CRe-AM Community Space and stay connected with us on:

Delegates of the ELPUB2015 Conference are invited to participate in this CRe-AM think-tank workshop. See below more information about ELPUB2015 conference.


Elpub 2015 is the 19th edition of the conference bringing together all stakeholders interested in issues regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts. These include the human, cultural, economic, social, technological, legal, commercial and other relevant aspects that such an exciting theme encompasses.

The event will particularly focus on the interplay of the two dimensions of the electronic publishing – the ever growing volume of digital collections, and the improved understanding of the widest user group, the one of the citizens.

Elpub 2015 will be organised by University of Malta at the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity.

Programme: Download the draft conference programme here.

Registration: Online registration is now opened. The early bird registration closes on June 15, 2015. Check out the registration steps on

Find out more information about the conference and accommodation on website.


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