CRe-AM Workshop – Open Playground: the Future of Gaming

0 0 March 10, 2014
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Manifest.AR ‘Biomer Skelters’, ©FACT Liverpool 2013

CRe-AM will be visiting Liverpool on March 28th to host its next workshop on the Future of gaming.

The event titled “Open Playground: The Future of Gaming” will focus on two major issues: Where is the gaming industry headed? and What are the possibilities for games to be applied and utilised in ways unimagined?

Open Playground sets the scene for the future of new media and gaming, starting with the next 3-5 years. Inspired by three sets of provocations delivered by leading figures in the Gaming and New Media sectors, participants will be inspired to take an imaginative journey to a near future, desired futures, future visions, new forms of technologies, as well as the status quo, including the barriers participants face in achieving expectations and implementing envisaged technologies.

Sponsored by the European Commision, this important one day new media & gaming workshop will bring together individual creators, professionals, SMEs, creative groups, communities, institutions and ICT creators in the gaming & new media sectors to support knowledge exchange for effective collaboration, and to empower participants to identify emerging visions and build a dynamic roadmap for the future development of their sectors. All contributors will be invited to join CRe-AM as key stakeholders and will be benefiters of the project.

All contributors will be invited to join the CRe-AM initiative as key stakeholders and benefiters of the project.

Speakers  and Provocators will be:

  • Dr Mark Wright, LJMU ¦ Cloudmaker – Co-creation in the socal gaming space: Can we create a collaborative tool for young a person that crosses the digital physical divide?
  • Enda Carey ¦ CEO Fisano – inter-gaming consultancy service: Why are we great at making things but not selling them?
  • Greg Foster ¦ The Larks: Is the future of gaming non-digital?

This workshop is delivered by Liverpool University, in collaboration with FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology), as part of the CRe-AM project.

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