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0 0 September 4, 2015
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Every two years the European Commission organises the biggest ICT gathering in Europe, hosted in this round by the wonderful city of Lisbon (Portugal) from October 20 to 22. More than 3500 registered attendees make it a not-to-miss-occasion for projects contributing to European technology R&D. In the case of CRe-AM, ICT2015 will be the ideal framework to consolidate the project roadmaps in collaboration with other big EC-funded initiatives in the field of ICT and creative industries such as NEM and Europeana Space.

A networking session titled ‘Creative Industries and ICT – A forum to outline the future roadmap’ is being organised on the 20th October at 4:50 pm. It will focus on the role of technologies and actors working as bridges between creative sectors and ICT Research & Development. Representatives of related European large clusters and initiatives will present key examples and analyses, in order to raise awareness among the ICT community about the most recent trends in the creative one. Delegates coming from Design, Art, ePublishing, Gaming, Art and Architecture industries are convened to exchange ideas with ICT researchers and developers and to contribute to the discussion.

Meet us in person and become part of our large network of European professionals!

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Agenda :

October 20, 2015 – Room 8 – Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

– 16 :50     Introduction // Marta Arniani, Head of Creative & Civic Innovation Unit, Sigma Orionis

– 16 :55     Europeana Space : Empowering digitalised cultural content // Dr. Antonella Fresa, Director, Promoter & Prof. Carla Fernandes, Senior Researcher, Universidade Nove de Lisboa

– 17 :05     Challenging New European Media // Jean-Dominique Meunier, President, NEM

– 17 :10     Bridging Creative Industries and ICT Companies for Smarter Publishing // Maria Loi, Project Manager, TISP project

– 17 :15     Enhancing Interaction between Artist-Researchers // Luis Miguel Girao, Director of R&D, Artshare & Frederik de Wilde, Professor, Transmedia Brussels and Resident Artist at the University of Hasselt

– 17 :20     Open discussion

– 17 :35     End of session

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