Join the CRe-AM workshop @ The Future of Media Conference 2014

0 0 June 28, 2014
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As a strategic partner of the Future of Media Conference 2014 organised by Salford Professional Development on July 10th, the CRe-AM consortium is proud to announce that it will deliver the event’s workshop called “Shaping the future for Media & e-Publishing”

This special session will aim at mapping visions, identifying technology trends, and forecasting future evolutions that will contribute to a dynamic roadmap for the development of the sector. The workshop encourages Media and e-Publishing stakeholders to voice their views, exchange ideas and share concerns, thus enabling them to play an active role in shaping the future through longer-term strategic planning.

Additionally, the results of the workshop will be shared with all participants and convergent plans (roadmaps) for future initiatives will directly inform EC policy & planning for the creative industries.

More than 150 delegates coming from the UK and  all over the world will attend this very promising event, and  the CRe-AM partners are waiting for you to get involved in the discussions ! Book your ticket here

Don’t wait! You can already join the growing CRe-AM EU-wide Media community as key stakeholders and benefiters of the project at!


The Future of Media conference in brief

The Future of Media Conference 2014 will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and debate the changing face of UK local, regional and national media. Experts from the sector will provide a detailed exposition and lively critical examination of leading edge issues in digital media and their potential consequences in a raft of areas, such as technology, content sourcing, production, narrow and broadcasting, and evolving relationships with audiences and consumers

As we emerge from the downturn, organisations across every industry are debating how to acquire and relate to customers in an entirely new world. For those in media, the rise of digital platforms is sure to present the greatest challenge as consumers transition online. This event will bring key stakeholders together from across the media landscape.

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