Media and ePublishing Experts Validation Think-Tank Event

0 0 January 3, 2016
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CRe-AM (Creativity Research Adaptive Roadmap Project, aims to deliver roadmaps for a seamless collaboration of the creative industries with technology providers. This exclusive event taking place in London on February 5 will allow experts in the Media and ePublishing sector to contribute to the CRe-AM set of recommendations for the future ICT European Agenda. During the event participants will have the opportunity to gain insight into visions, technology trends and forecasts for future evolutions of ICT for the Media and e-Publishing sector, collated and analysed by CRe-AM researchers through a consultation process which has been carried out since 2013 and has engaged more than 300 experts in the field.

The main outcome of the event will be the validation of the CRe-AM roadmaps for the future ICT European Agenda, in order to maximise its impact on the development and adoption of new technologies for supporting the creative processes, as well as enhancing existing tools and platforms to better respond to the needs of specific creators’ groups. The session will allow participants working at the bridge of technology and creative industries to network, and its outcomes will enrich CRe-AM  roadmaps with a better understanding of Media and e-Publishing trends and engagement with potential users.


1.00-1.15 Welcome and CRe-AM overview
1.15- 1.40 Visions and Scenarios Validation
1.40- 2.15 Gap Analysis Validation
2.15-2.30 Coffee & Cakes Break
2.30- 2.50 Technologies Validation
2.50- 3.50 Recommendations Validation
3.50-4.10 Project Evaluation
4.15-5.30 Networking and Wine & Canapés Reception

5 February 2016, 13.00-17.30

33 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AG University of Liverpool London Campus

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