The consortium

CRe-AM consortium is composed of:

  1. University of Surrey (UK)
  2. Black Cube Collective (UK)
  3. National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (GR)
  4. Ravensbourne (UK)
  5. Institut Mines-­Telecom (FR)
  6. Fluxguide (A)
  7. Lattanzio Learning SPA (IT)
  8. Liverpool Hope University (UK)
  9. University of Liverpool (UK)
  10. imaginary SRL (IT)
  11. Linkspace Management Services Gesellschaft MBH (European Learning Industry Group /ELIG) (A)

As the project is focused on delivering a valuable service to both the creative and ICT communities, it intends to bring together a significant number of stakeholders from the creative areas of Art, Design, e-Publishing, Media, Architecture, Games as well as in the ICT community.

The actual objective is to address their needs by engaging them in a fruitful dialogue in order to develop new ways of using technologies and tools, new products, services and new business models.

This will be made possible only by building a good understanding of their context, discovering common ground, identifying future needs, creating a shared future vision.

Even before its official launch, the CRe-AM project already gathered a critical mass of initial core stakeholders from the creative industries who expressed its interest in the initiative. The project, through its partners, has access to essential networks and stakeholders from the creative sectors —individuals as well as institutions—that will support and significantly enhance the project’s applications, reach and impact.

Arts Networks, Art Galleries and Associations, Media, Design Centers, Museums, Films festivals, Creative Design Companies, Centers, Games developers, Universities, Innovation Research Centers, Architects, Publishers is a non‐exhaustive list of examples.

The CRe-AM project also plans to recruit technology innovators, who are at the cutting edge of developments to ensure the relevance of the project, as well as investors, venture capitalists and policy makers.

The project offers the expertise, the organisational capacity and all resources to make the consultation and strategic planning events possible.

Going into details, CRe-AM:

The commitment expected from the participating stakeholders is mainly their active engagement and their time, which will be approximately 2 to 4 days over the duration of the project (2 years).

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